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Sports Performance Training

Run faster with SKLZ Acceleration Trainer

Run Faster

  • Horizontal Speed Training
  • Improves Top End Speed
  • Accelerate Faster
  • Correct Running Mechanics
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention
Improve agility with SKLZ Agility Trainer Pro

Improve Agility

  • Multi-Directional Speed Training
  • Change of Direction Agility
  • Improve Foot Speed
  • Body Control and Coordination
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention
Jump higher training with SKLZ HOPZ

Jump Higher

  • Vertical Jump Training
  • Decrease Reaction Time
  • Increase Power Generation.
  • Body Awareness
  • Recovery and Injury Prevention

Sports Performance Training incorporates speed, agility, vertical jump, and strength training. It takes a wholistic approach to improving athleticism as it relates to sport. Ultimately, athletes should be preparing their body to run faster, improve agility, or jump higher through specific isolated movements that translate to the demands of sport. General strength and conditioning, or speed and agility training alone are good, but there is a better way. Read more about How we Develop Athletes at ADC, or signup for a free trial below.

Training Schedule

Youth- Ages 8 to 12
  • Monday Through Friday: 5:00p and 6:30p
  • Saturday: 10:00a
High School- Ages 13/14 to 18
  • Monday through Friday: 3:30p and 8:00p
  • Saturday: 11:30a and 1:00p

Training Package Options

  • All Packages Include:
  • Pre-Training Consultation
  • Speed, agility, and jump training
  • Strength and Stability
  • Recovery and Injury prevention movements
  • Post workout protein shake
  • Character and Accountability
Unlimited Package
  • For dedicated athletes seeking the best training
  • Unlimited number of sessions per week
  • Free admission to Field Drop In Time
2x Week Package
  • For busy athletes looking for improvement
  • Up to 2 sessions per week
  • $5 for Field Drop In Time
Team Package
  • For teams wanting to improve together
  • Specified team time slot
  • Team specific training plan

Free Sports Performance Trial

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Team Package not Included