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Athlete Development Center Welcomes ZuWire Fitness

ZuWire Fitness ClassAthlete Development Center is excited to welcome ZUwire Fitness to the ADC family! They have moved into the building and are offering training classes for adults from all fitness backgrounds.

ZUwire Fitness is headed up by Gavin McKee and Christa Groesbeck. Gavin has such a passion for helping people that after he graduated in pre-law in Virginia, he moved to Utah to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. He was also a competitive weight-lifter before he started training at gyms. Christa has always been physically conscience and active. She taught spin classes while in college and graduated with a Nursing degree. She joined ZUwire Fitness a few years ago and now has become a part-owner. They both are certified personal trainers through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Gavin and Christa are very confident that ZUwire can help anyone. They believe in their work so much that they are always offering free classes to anyone that wants to try it. What ZUwire Fitness trainers noticed missing in other workout programs is that they didn't consistently get the human body moving the way that it was intended to move. Since ZUwire Fitness focuses on moving the body as a complete unit rather than in separate components, they can work out several different muscle groups at the same time. They are also able to cater to all fitness backgrounds from power lifting to high-intensity cardio.

For more information or for a free class, you can contact Gavin and Christa directly by email: