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How we Develop Athletes at ADC

Developing athletes through sports performance trainingSports Performance Training incorporates speed, agility, vertical jump, and strength training. It takes a wholistic approach to improving athleticism as it relates to sport. Ultimately, athletes should be preparing their body for sports through specific isolated movements that translate to the demands of sport. General strength and conditioning, or speed and agility training alone are good, but there is a better way.

Many young athletes mistakenly think that they need to get in the weight room and get as strong as they possibly can, as quickly as they can. This is a traditional mindset instilled from the 80’s and 90’s fitness era. Typically, there is little technique training, little supervision, no progression, no periodization, just lift as much, as often as you can. This method often leads to injury, lifelong muscular or skeletal issues, and doesn’t have a strong correlation to improved performance in sports. Strength and conditioning is a necessary aspect of improvement in sport, but not the catch all that old school thinking has created.

Along with strength and conditioning, speed, agility, and vertical jump training is relevant in athlete improvement. The internet is full of drills, workout tips, and techniques on how to improve these key elements. The question becomes, how can one take all that information, sometimes conflicting, and put together a solid plan for an athlete? If you are a parent trying to help your son or daughter, or a coach that knows your sport in and out, but isn’t quite sure how to program for general performance training, it can be overwhelming.

Coupling speed, agility, and vertical jump training with strength and conditioning, provides the best mechanism to create athleticism. At Athlete Development Center, what we do is in our name, develop athletes. Sports are important to us no matter the level. We love seeing young athletes get into their first ever soccer game just as much as seeing an elite athlete sign their first pro contract. Learn more about EXOS, our preferred programing method, or signup for a free trial.